WLTOYS 104006 1/10 4WD 2.4Ghz Hight speen RC Car

WLTOYS 104006 1/10 4WD 2.4Ghz Hight speen RC Car

       This is WLTOYS 104006 1/10 RC Car 4WD 2.4Ghz Hight speen.

       The WLTOYS 104006 is a new remote control car that has a two-speed shift function and a front and rear differential lock for quite good off-road performance. The most important is the cruise control function, which is very realistic, and the cruise control logic is very similar to the real car.

       Next, I would like to introduce the product parameters of WLTOYS 104006:
       The WLTOYS 104006 comes in three color schemes: Moroccan Blue, lava Red and Caribbean Blue. Its vehicle size is 56.8*25*27.2cm, while the package size is 61*34*35.5cm. The remote control of the WLTOYS 104006 rc car is in 2.4Ghz mode and can be operated up to about 100m. The battery of this remote control car uses 7.4V3200mAh lithium battery, which has strong battery life and can play continuously for about 45 minutes. In addition, the WLTOYS 104006 comes with a 7.4V 2000mAh USB charging cable. The WLTOYS 104006 RC Car is powered by the 550 carbon brush motor, which is a powerful motor that can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the WLTOYS 104006, and the dual speed change allows the speed to be controlled between 3km/h and 11km/h.

       In addition to some inherent parameters of the WLTOYS 104006 itself, the appearance of the WLTOYS 104006 RC Car uses a door and bridge integrated design, so that the chassis space is higher, better passability, but also equipped with remote control electric winch, to achieve the front remote control controllable traction winch, so that the vehicle is not afraid of rough terrain, can play freely in a variety of terrain.

       WLTOYS 104006 has a new LED searchlight and headlights, and increased the lighting system, enrich the lighting effect of the product, make the appearance look more cool, night play more enjoyable and interesting. The only drawback is that the WLTOYS 104006 RC Car has a rear turn signal but is not equipped with a front turn signal. Overall, the WLTOYS 104006 RC Car is still a very good performance off-road vehicle, which can play sand at high speed and climb at low speed.

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