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WLTOYS 104006 1/10 4WD RC Car with two-speed transmission

WLTOYS 104006 1/10 4WD RC Car with two-speed transmission

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Product name: WLTOYS 104006 1/10 4WD RC Car

Color: Moroccan Blue, lava Red, Caribbean Blue

Product size: 56.8*25*27.2cm

Packing size: 61*34*35.5cm

Remote control mode: 2.4Ghz

Remote control distance: about 100m

Battery details: 7.4V3200mAh

Charging device: 7.4V2000mAh USB charging cable

Drive motor: 550 carbon brush motor

Usage time: about 45 minutes

Operating speed: 11km/h - 3km/h

Product features of WLTOYS 104006:

1. The front and rear four-link suspension and simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber are used to help the vehicle effectively reduce the vibration when the high-speed car is driving, so that the vehicle can drive more smoothly.

2. Full simulation structure design, experience the feeling of full real car control, can achieve high-speed driving, instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, backward, turning.

3. Equipped with front and rear axle remote control differential lock to improve the passing ability of the remote control car on the rough road, that is, when a drive axle of the remote control car is idling, the differential can be quickly locked to make the two drive axle rigid connection.

4. The whole car ball bearings, the use of alloy gear differential structure, so that players have a better climbing experience.

5. With 550 carbon brush motor, effectively reduce the torque attenuation caused by the heat generated by the motor during work.

6. The tire is made of high-performance natural rubber material, soft texture, elastic all-terrain rubber tire, strong ground adhesion and friction resistance.

WLTOYS 104006 adopts door and bridge design, higher chassis space, and better vehicle passability; Equipped with remote control electric winch, to achieve the front remote controllable traction winch, so that the vehicle is not afraid of rough terrain, improve the player's playability. In addition, the WLTOYS 104006 adds a two-speed transmission, which can be remotely operated to switch between low and high gear at a maximum speed of 11km/h and a minimum speed of 3km/h.

WLTOYS 104006 adopts the front and rear four-link suspension design, which makes the chassis space of the vehicle higher, has better passability, avoids the bottom of the car being hit by obstacles, helps the vehicle effectively reduce vibration during high-speed driving, and makes the vehicle run smoothly.

WLTOYS 104006 has a new LED searchlight and headlights, and increased the row of lights system, enrich the lighting effect of the product, make the appearance look more cool, night play more enjoyable and interesting.


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