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WLTOYS WL916 Hight Speed RC Boat brushless 2.4Ghz

WLTOYS WL916 Hight Speed RC Boat brushless 2.4Ghz

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Product name: WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat

Product size: 46.7*14*13CM

Product weight (bare metal) : approx. 538.6g (not including battery)

Product packaging weight: about 1460g

Product material: Plastic + electronic components

Usage time: about 5 minutes

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Battery details: Body: 11.1V 2200mAh 30C

Remote control: AA*4 (not included)

Remote control distance: about 150 meters

Travel speed: 55KM/H

Drive motor and number: 2216 brushless external motor *1

WLTOYS WL916 function description:

1. Adopt advanced water cooling system to cool the heating parts such as the ship's power system to provide efficient and stable cooling effect to ensure its normal operation and good performance.

2.WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat is also equipped with collision protection cover, which can greatly cushion the impact of the impact on the boat.

3. With low electric protection function, timely remind the operator to sail the ship back.

4. 2.4GHz ship high frequency wireless system, remote control distance of about 150 meters, single single frequency, suitable for many people to compete.

Product accessories details:

High speed boat *1

Remote control *1

Boat frame *1 set

Battery *1

M3 Hexagonal screwdriver *1

M4 Hexagon screwdriver *1

M4 hex socket *1

In terms of protection function, WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat has the capsize reset function. When the speedboat is overturned in the water, the player can quickly pull the trigger before and after the speedboat can automatically flip back to the front, easily solve the problem of the speedboat in the navigation caused by adverse factors. WLTOYS WL916 also has low power protection function, when the boat speed suddenly drops, the remote control will emit a drop signal sound, indicating that the battery is insufficient, the speedboat enters the low protection state, the protection time is 1 minute, 1 minute after the speedboat will be powered off, players need to drive the speedboat back in another minute. In addition, it is also equipped with anti-collision protective covers to help cushion the impact of the ship and reduce the impact on the interior of the ship.

In terms of shape design, the WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat adopts the pointed drag reduction design and the bow adopts the fluid shape design, so that the hull can reduce the resistance of the water to the speedboat during the sailing process, so that the sailing speed is faster. In addition, the WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat also has a double waterproof cover design, which effectively prevents water from entering the cabin, protecting the internal components, and allowing the boat to freely travel across the water.

In terms of power, the WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat is equipped with a brushless external motor and can reach a maximum speed of 55km/h. This motor is brushless, full of power, longer life and more stable performance.

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