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WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts RC Boat rolling bearing

WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts RC Boat rolling bearing

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Product name: WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts rolling bearing

Suitable model: WLTOYS WL915-A

Number: 1 pcs

WLTOYS WL915-A rolling bearing Precautions:

1. Long-term use may lead to wear or fatigue damage of rolling element and raceway, affecting its performance, and it needs to be checked regularly.

2. Maintaining good lubrication is the key to ensure the normal operation of rolling bearings, pay attention to the status and supplement of grease or lubricating oil.

3. If overheating occurs during operation, it may indicate that there is a problem with the rolling bearing, which needs to be checked in time.

4. Abnormal noise may mean that the rolling bearing is faulty, such as ball damage.

5. Poor sealing may lead to the entry of impurities or lubricant leakage, affecting the life and performance of rolling bearings.

WLTOYS WL915-A Product Features:

1. With a simulated F1 speedboat shape, the brushless motor is equipped with a driving speed of about 45km/h, full power and long life, and the brand brushless electric regulation with water cooling system has stable performance.

2. The system performance is larger and the product life is extended. Full proportion steering gear steering sensitive, with automatic anti-tip function, can automatically turn right after capsizing.

3. Full proportion forward and backward, left and right steering function, rudder size adjustment, left and right steering fine adjustment, capsizing automatically righting, but also with low voltage alarm mode.



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