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WLTOYS WL915-A F1 2.4 gHz brushless RC Boat

WLTOYS WL915-A F1 2.4 gHz brushless RC Boat

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Product name: WLTOYS WL915-A high-speed F1 RC speedboat

Product size: 43*17*12CM

Color box size: 48.8*14.3*25.5CM

Color: Red, Orange

Product weight (bare) : 674.8g (including battery)

Usage time: about 10 minutes

Charging time: about 200 minutes

Remote control battery: 1.5AA*4 (not included)

Battery details: 11.1V 1200mah lithium battery 20C

Remote control distance: 80-100 meters

Travel speed: 45km/h

Drive motor and quantity: The drive is 1pcs brushless motor (brushless motor: 2848, KV1900), and the steering adopts 3KG rudder.

Product details:

F1 Speedboat *1

Remote control *1

Color box *1

Blister *1

Instructions *1

Self-sealing plastic bag *1

Propeller *1

Remote control battery cover *1

Lithium battery *1

USB Charging cable *1

Propeller non-slip nut *1

1.5mm hex wrench *1

2mm hex wrench *1, 2.5mm hex wrench *1.

WLTOYS WL915-A Product Features:

1. Simulate the shape of F1 speedboat, the driving speed is about 45km/h, the brushless motor has abundant power and long life, and the brand brushless electric regulation with water cooling system has stable performance to ensure power.

2. The system performance is larger and the product life is extended. Full proportion steering gear steering sensitive, with anti-tip function, can automatically turn right after the occurrence of capsizing.

3. Full proportion forward and backward, left and right steering function, rudder size adjustment, left and right steering fine adjustment, capsizing automatically righting, low voltage alarm.

WLTOYS WL915-A RC Boat adopts the advanced water cooling system, combined with the brushless external rotor high-speed motor and 30A water cooling electric regulator, the brushless water cooling electric regulator performance is more stable, the water cooling electric regulator system device can reduce the temperature of the motor and electric regulator during operation, and extend the service life of the motor and electric regulator. Brushless external rotor high-speed motor, strong power output, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, more energy saving than ordinary motors, more sensitive, can stably provide strong power for navigation.

The hull of the WLTOYS WL915-A adopts the design of a catamaran, which has the advantages of good stability, flexible handling and not easy to tip over. Because the width of the catamaran is much larger than that of the single ship, not only the stability of the catamaran is obviously better than that of the single ship, but also has the ability to withstand large waves. The bow adopts the fluid shape design of the nozzle to reduce the drag, so that the speedboat reduces the resistance of the water to the speedboat itself during the sailing process, so that the sailing speed is faster.

WLTOYS WL915-A has automatic anti-tip function, so that the speedboat is not easy to tilt and flip when the speedboat is overturned in the water, the water will enter the speedboat's anti-tip tank inlet to change the center of gravity of the speedboat, and then realize the automatic flip back to the front. In addition, the direction can be fine-tuned. Adjust the direction fine tuning on the remote control, can adjust the speed boat linear driving performance when the speed boat is driving to the right, adjust the direction of the left fine tuning until the speed boat straight driving when the speed boat is driving to the left, adjust the direction of the right fine tuning until the speed boat straight driving.

The WLTOYS WL915-A has a low power alarm function. When you use the WLTOYS WL915-A, the boat speed suddenly drops and the remote control will sound an alarm, indicating that the battery is low and the speedboat has entered a low protection state. The protection time is 1 minute, the speedboat will be powered off after 1 minute, please drive the speedboat back within 1 minute as soon as possible.



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