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WLTOYS WL911-A RC Hight Speed Boat Speedboat

WLTOYS WL911-A RC Hight Speed Boat Speedboat

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Product name: WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat

Product size: 35*8.8*7cm

Weight: 946g (including color box)

Weight (bare metal) : 285.9g (battery not included)

Usage time: about 8 minutes

Charging time: about 120 minutes (red light on when charging, red light off when fully charged)

Battery details: 7.4V 800mAh lithium battery

Remote control distance: about 100 meters

Travel speed: 21Km/H

Drive motor and number: 370 motor *1

The WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat configuration includes:

Color box packaging *1

Small boat *1

Boat frame *1

Remote control *1

Instructions *1

USB Charger *1

Lithium battery *1

Hexagonal sleeve *1

Propeller *1

Product features of WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat:

1. Simulate the shape of the speedboat, which can reduce the resistance of air and water and improve the speed of the speedboat.

2. The use of strong magnetic 370 motor, full of power, the fastest speed of about 21Km/H.

3. Use water cooling system to heat the speedboat longer life.

4. It has automatic righting function and low power return reminder function after capsizing, which can effectively help players reduce danger.

In terms of waterproof performance, the WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat adopts a double waterproof cover design, which can effectively prevent water from entering the cabin to protect the internal components, even if the outer layer is partially damaged or failed, the inner layer can still play a certain waterproof role. It can better cope with complex water environments, such as rough seas, occasional collisions or accidental contact with sharp objects. Let the speedboat shuttle freely.

In terms of power, the WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat uses 370 strong magneto, which usually has a high power and torque output, and can provide greater power to improve the speed and efficiency of the remote control boat. The interference of electric spark to remote control radio equipment is greatly reduced.

In terms of heat dissipation, WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat adopts water-cooled strong magneto and electric regulation, which can make the remote control boat more powerful, longer life, more stable performance, ensure the ultimate play of power and extend product life.

In terms of safety, the WLTOYS WL911-A RC Boat has the function of automatic capsizing and low electric protection. Capsizing automatic righting function, when the speedboat in the water when the quick trigger can make the speedboat automatically flip back to the front easily solve the sailing speedboat by bad factors caused by flipping. Low electric protection function, when the ship speed suddenly drops, the remote control will emit a drop signal sound, indicating that the battery is insufficient and the speedboat enters a low protection state. The protection time is 1 minute, the speedboat will be powered off after 1 minute, please drive the speedboat back within 1 minute as soon as possible.

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