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WLTOYS 284131 1/28 RC Car Original parts K989-35 Battery Fixing seat

WLTOYS 284131 1/28 RC Car Original parts K989-35 Battery Fixing seat

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Product name: WLTOYS 284131 RC Car Original parts Battery Fixing seat

Applicable model: WL Tech xk RC Car 284131

Quantity: 1set

Corresponding part model: K989-35

How to determine the impact of damage to the WLTOYS 284131 RC Car Battery Fixing seat?

1. Cause the battery to shake and shift in the remote control car, which may cause poor battery contact during the vehicle driving, sometimes power off, affect the normal operation of the vehicle, and may even suddenly stop working.

2. The shaking of the battery may cause collision and friction with the surrounding components, which may damage the battery shell over time, and even affect the internal structure and performance of the battery, shortening the service life of the battery.

3. If the battery is short-circuited during violent shaking, it may cause dangerous conditions such as heat, smoke and even fire.

Product features of WLTOYS 284131 RC Car:

1. Adopt full simulation structure design to experience full real car control feeling.

2. 7.4V 400mAh and 130 brush motor is used to provide strong and continuous power for WLTOYS 284131 RC car.

3. The use of all-terrain rubber tires, strong adhesion to the ground, with a strong grip, very suitable for climbing off-road.

4. With independent front and rear wheel suspension system, the shock absorption performance can adapt to various terrain bumps.

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