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WLTOYS 284131 1/28 RC Car Alloy Chassis Off-road Vehicle

WLTOYS 284131 1/28 RC Car Alloy Chassis Off-road Vehicle

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Product name: WLTOYS 284131 1/28 RC Off-road Vehicle

Product size: 17.5*8*5.5CM

Color box size: 22.5*19*13CM

Product weight: 611g

Maximum speed: 30km/h

Usage time: about 18 minutes

Charging time: about 63 minutes

Remote control mode: 2.4G remote

Remote control distance: about 100 meters

Drive motor: 130 brush motor

Battery details: 7.4V 400mAh lithium battery

Remote control: 4 AA batteries (not included)

Charging device: 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable

Product details:

Remote control car

Remote control unit


7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable

Gear kit

R-type pin

Lithium battery


Product features of WLTOYS 284131 RC Car:

1. Full simulation structure design is adopted to experience full real car control feeling, to achieve high-speed driving, instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, backward, turning, lighting. Front and rear wheel independent suspension smooth cornering and stable body attitude.

2. 7.4V 400mAh, 130 brush motor is used to provide strong and sustained power for WLTOYS 284131 RC Car, with a speed of 30km/h.

3. The use of all-terrain rubber tires, the ground adhesion is strong, has a strong grip, is very suitable for climbing off-road, rubber tires are resistant to friction, can provide support for the smooth operation of the vehicle.

4. With independent front and rear wheel suspension system, its shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain bumps.

5. The 5-line and 3-line digital steering gear is used to control the steering flexibly, making the driving smoother, more stable and durable.

6. It has cool LED lights to illuminate the dark night and achieve barrier-free operation at night.

WLTOYS 284131 RC Car uses an independent front and rear wheel suspension system for shock absorption. This damping system has a great improvement on the driving and handling of the remote control car. The first is to improve the handling, which can make the remote control car better maintain the grip of the outside wheel when turning, so that the control is more accurate and flexible. Secondly, it can help the WLTOYS 284131 RC Car adapt to different road surfaces and cope with various uneven roads independently. Each wheel can be individually expanded and adjusted according to actual road conditions to improve passability. In addition, it can reduce the tilt of the body, effectively reduce the roll and pitch of the body when turning quickly or driving on the undulating road surface, and maintain the stability of the vehicle. In addition, it can improve the driving comfort, so that the WLTOYS 284131 RC Car can better filter the road bumps, so that the remote control car can drive more smoothly and comfortably, and reduce the impact on the body and internal structure. Finally, tire grounding is enhanced to ensure that each wheel can be well grounded at all times, thereby optimizing power transmission and braking effects.

WLTOYS 284131 RC Car uses high-quality plastic gears for its components. Compared with metal gears, this gear can reduce the overall weight of the remote control vehicle and improve its mobility and flexibility. With certain self-lubricating characteristics of the plastic itself, reducing the need for additional lubrication and reducing maintenance costs. Low noise, the noise generated during operation is relatively small, so that the remote control car runs more quietly. Good corrosion resistance, not easy to rust damage. In addition, this gear also has good shock absorption performance, can absorb a certain amount of shock and vibration, and play a protective role in the transmission system. In terms of motors. The WLTOYS 284131 RC Car uses a 130 brush motor to provide a strong power output to the remote control Car when starting, coupled with a durable metal chassis to maximize the performance of the WLTOYS 284131 RC Car.

In terms of control, the WLTOYS 284131 RC Car uses a 5-wire 3 gram digital steering gear, which can provide more accurate Angle control, suitable for applications that require high control accuracy. Faster response speed for more agile motion control. In addition, this steering gear uses digital signals to control, with better anti-interference ability and stability.

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