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WLTOYS 184011 Parts A949-13 Differential Gear box Original parts

WLTOYS 184011 Parts A949-13 Differential Gear box Original parts

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Product name: WLTOYS 184011 Parts A949-13 Differential Gear box

Product quantity: 1 set

Applicable model: WLTOYS 184011 RC Car

About WL-Tech XK 184011 A949-13 Differential Gear box:

A949-13 WLTOYS 184011 Differential Gear box is responsible for the adjustment of the left and right wheels at different speeds, so that the vehicle can run more smoothly when turning, to avoid excessive tire wear and vehicle loss of control. The original differential gear box has a good guarantee in terms of accuracy, strength and reliability, and can ensure stable operation under various complex working conditions. The internal gear structure and lubrication design have been carefully considered to adapt to the performance requirements of the equipment. When the remote control car is driving intensely or facing different road conditions, the original differential gear box can accurately play a role to make the vehicle better handling. Moreover, the original features ensure good compatibility and coordination with other components of the device, which jointly improves the overall performance.

WLTOYS 184011 RC Car features:

1. Vehicle proportion, control freely, players play.

2.Four-wheel independent suspension suspension system, can adapt to a variety of complex rugged terrain.

3.390 strong magnetic carbon brush motor, providing powerful power for vehicle driving.

4. One key speed change, free to switch, players operate more flexible.

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