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WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car brushless Off-road vehicle

WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car brushless Off-road vehicle

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Something about WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car.

Name: WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car

Product size: 28.2*20.6*10.5cm

Color box size: 29.7*21.6*16.7

Product material: Alloy +PA+ABS

Product weight (naked car) : 0.747kg

Product weight (single box) : 1.595kg

Usage time: about 9 minutes

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Remote control distance: ≤100M

Body battery: 7.4V 1200Mh 20C lithium battery

Maximum speed: 60KM/h

Remote control mode: 2.4G remote

Drive motor: 2838-5000KV brushless motor

Charging device: 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable Cable length 50CM XH-3P Environmental protection (over low current activation) Fast charge environmental protection

WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car configuration Description:


Zinc alloy cross sleeve

USB charging cable

Finished car

WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car Product Features:

1. Use the new research and development of 3-in-1 brushless electric adjustment with 2838-5000KV motor, fast speed, strong explosive power.

2. The use of independent suspension hydraulic shock absorber, shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain, not afraid of rough sections.

3. Zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance, with a certain strength and hardness, can withstand the pressure and friction in the transmission process.

4. The vehicle colorful lighting system can enhance the experience for vehicle control and can be played at night.

In terms of power system, WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car adopts the newly developed 3-in-1 brushless electric regulation with 2838-5000KV motor to improve the speed and explosive power of the remote control car, so that the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 60km/h, bringing a powerful power for the remote control car.

In terms of control, the WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car is controlled by a 2.4Ghz radio, so that players can play in a multiplayer arena without cross-frequency or interference. This remote control adds a lever to the steering wheel to allow the player to operate with one hand. The most special is that this remote control is installed with a built-in mobile phone stand, which is convenient for external cameras to achieve real-time control.

In terms of appearance, WLTOYS 184008 1/18 RC Car has a novel design, not only has a new LED searchlight and headlights, but also adds a row light system, which enricfies the lighting effect of the vehicle, makes the appearance look more cool, and makes the night driving more enjoyable and interesting.

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