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WLTOYS 124007 1/12 Electric brushless RC Car

WLTOYS 124007 1/12 Electric brushless RC Car

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Product name: WLTOYS 124007 RC Car

Product ratio: 1/12

Material: Alloy +PA

Product size: 35.6*20.8*11CM

Color box size: 46.2*22.8*15.5CM

Product weight (bare machine) : 0.931KG (including battery)

Product weight (with packing) : 2.233kg

Maximum speed: 75km/h

Usage time: about 8 minutes

Charging time: 3 hours

Remote control mode: 2.4G remote

Remote control distance: about 100 meters

Drive motor: brushless motor

Battery details: 7.4V 2200mAh high rate lithium battery

Remote control battery: 4 AAA batteries (bring your own)

Accessories: manual, USB charger, zinc alloy cross sleeve

Product features of WLTOYS 124007:

1. The body body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong stability.

2. Brushless motor, fast speed, high efficiency.

3. The whole car zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance.

4. Hardware oil pressure shock absorber, shock absorber performance can be adapted to a variety of terrain such as mountains, deserts, grasslands.

5. Independent 45A electric modulation to improve performance, independent receiver to maintain signal stability, independent steering engine to make the control more flexible.

WLTOYS 124007 as a whole adopts four-wheel independent shock absorber system, equipped with hardware oil pressure shock absorber to effectively reduce vehicle vibration when driving at high speed, so that the vehicle can drive smoothly. In addition, if you encounter obstacles, you can effectively reduce the impact force, so that the vehicle can adapt to a variety of terrain.

WLTOYS 124007 uses a brushless motor to make the vehicle run fast and efficient, up to 75km/h, so the quality of the motor makes the vehicle more powerful, beyond the same type of car.

Advantages of WLTOYS 124007 metal chassis:

1. The metal chassis is stronger than plastic and other materials, can withstand greater impact and pressure, and is not easy to damage in intense control and collision, improving the durability of the remote control car.

2. The weight of the metal chassis is relatively large, which can make the remote control car lower the center of gravity and more stable when driving, especially in high-speed turns or complex terrain, which can reduce the risk of rollover.

3. It can better transmit power and control signals, so that the control response of the remote control car is more sensitive and accurate, so that the player can control the action of the vehicle more delicately.

4. The metal has good thermal conductivity, which helps to dissipate the heat generated when the remote control car is running, especially for high-performance motors and electronic equipment, which can avoid overheating affecting its performance.


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