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WLTOYS 104019 1/10 RC Car Parts Front Upper Swing Arm upgrade

WLTOYS 104019 1/10 RC Car Parts Front Upper Swing Arm upgrade

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Product name: WLTOYS 104019 Front Upper Swing Arm

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104019

Product quantity: 1 set

Material: Aluminum alloy

Weight: 24g

Size: 71mm*18mm

About WLTOYS 104019 Front Upper Swing Arm:

WL Tech xk RC Car 104019 upgrade parts Front Upper Swing Arm For players looking for high strength and durability. The plastic front swing arm is lighter, so it will travel faster than the metal material, but the strength and rigidity are relatively low. The metal front upper swing arm has higher strength and rigidity, but its weight is also relatively large. Players can choose according to their needs.

If you are looking for the WLTOYS 104019 Rear Upper Swing Arm, click on the horizontal line to jump.

WLTOYS 104019 Function description: 

1. With four-wheel independent suspension system, using simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber, using the whole car pull rod adjustable design, so that WLTOYS 104019 can adapt to different rugged road conditions, such as mountains, grasslands, deserts.

2. The power system adopts 3660 brushless drive motor, which makes the vehicle more powerful, more efficient and faster when running.

3. Anti-explosion PVC color printed car shell, with certain elasticity, beautiful collision resistance.

4. The use of all-metal gear, wear resistance and general plastic gear, improve the service life of the gear, but the player needs regular maintenance.

5. The whole car has high-speed ball bearings and steel drive shaft, which improves the energy conversion efficiency and greatly improves the service life of the remote control car.

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