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WLTOYS 104019 1/10 4WD Brushless RC Car 55km/h

WLTOYS 104019 1/10 4WD Brushless RC Car 55km/h

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Product name: WLTOYS 104019 1/10 Electric 4WD RC Racing Car

Product model: 104019

Material: PA+ Electronic components + Alloy c

Product size: 38*27.5*19.5CM

Color box size: 40*29*21CM

Product weight (bare machine) : 1.884KG

Maximum speed: 55km/h

Usage time: about 8 minutes

Charging time: about 3 hours

Remote control mode: 2.4G remote

Remote control distance: about 100 meters

Drive motor: 3660 brushless motor

Battery details: 7.4V 2200mAh*1

Accessories: manual, USB charger, zinc alloy cross sleeve, small screwdriver

WLTOYS 104019 Function description:

1. With four-wheel independent suspension system, using simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber, using the whole car pull rod adjustable design, so that WLTOYS 104019 can adapt to different rugged road conditions, such as mountains, grasslands, deserts.

2. The power system adopts 3660 brushless drive motor, which makes the vehicle more powerful, more efficient and faster when running.

3. The use of all-metal gear, wear resistance and general plastic gear, improve the service life of the gear, but the player needs regular maintenance.

4. The whole car has high-speed ball bearings and steel drive shaft, which improves the energy conversion efficiency and greatly improves the service life of the remote control car.

5. Anti-explosion PVC color printed car shell, with certain elasticity, beautiful collision resistance.

The WLTOYS 104019 is made of metal gear. This gear can withstand greater torque and force, reducing the risk of gear damage. It is not easy to wear, has a longer service life, and reduces the frequency of replacement parts. Ensure the accuracy of power transmission, so that the action of the remote control car is more accurate and stable. The good thermal conductivity of the metal helps to dissipate heat and avoid damage to the gear due to overheating.

WLTOYS 104019 has a roll cage. It can make the remote control car to prevent the body backflip caused by complex terrain or improper operation in the case of climbing or rough road.

The WLTOYS 104019 is designed with LED searchlights and headlights. It greatly enhances the cool look of the WLTOYS 104019, especially at night or in low light environments, and the blinking LED lights make the remote control car appear extra eye-catching and unique. Second, LED lights can play a role in lighting, so that players can better control the vehicle in a dark environment and see the path and position of the vehicle. In addition, LED lights with different colors and flashing modes can also increase the fun and entertainment of the game, so that the play process is more colorful.

The WLTOYS 104019 uses a 2.4GHz remote control system. This remote control system allows the player to control the remote control car more freely. For example, in the open field, the player can command various complex actions of the remote control car at a longer distance (about 100 meters). Moreover, because of its good anti-interference, even if there are other electronic devices around, it can ensure the stable operation of the remote control car. At the same time, its multi-channel control function allows players to adjust and control the remote control car more finely according to their needs and preferences, to achieve a variety of difficult actions and skills.



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