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WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Original Parts Sheel Connector

WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Original Parts Sheel Connector

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Product name: WLTOYS 104016 RC Car original parts Sheel Connector

Quantity: 1set

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104016 RC Car

Part model: 2495

WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Sheel Connector Use precautions:

1. Avoid excessive distortion, bending or impact on the connector to prevent damage.

2. If the connector is found to be corroded or damaged, handle or replace it in time.

3. When removing and installing the shell, be careful to avoid unnecessary damage to the connector.

Some information about the WLTOYS 104016 RC Car:

1. Using four-wheel independent suspension system and simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber, the whole car rod adopts adjustable design.

2. Anti-explosion PVC color printed car shell, beautiful and crash-resistant.

3. The whole car high-speed ball bearings, steel drive shaft, greatly improve the service life of the remote control car.

4. 3660 brushless drive motor is used to make the vehicle have plenty of power.

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