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WLTOYS 104002 1/10 RC Car Rear Wheel Cup Upgrade

WLTOYS 104002 1/10 RC Car Rear Wheel Cup Upgrade

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Product name: WLTOYS 104002 Upgrade Rear-Wheel-Cup

Material: Aluminium alloy

Product quantity: 1 set

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104002

Weight: 14g

Size: 24.9mm*17.5mm*15.3mm

About WLTOYS 104002 Upgrade Rear-Wheel-Cup How to maintain:

1. Regularly clean the dust, dirt and other debris on the rear wheel cup, you can use a clean soft cloth to wipe.

2. Carefully check the rear wheel cup for signs of excessive wear, such as scratches, deformation, etc.

3. Add appropriate lubricants to the moving parts of the rear wheel cup, such as special remote control car lubricating oil, to ensure smooth operation and reduce friction and wear.

4. Try to avoid severe impact on the rear wheel cup of the remote control car during use, so as not to cause damage.

5. WLTOYS 104002 should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment when idle to avoid moisture, rust or corrosion of the rear wheel cup.

Product features of WLTOYS 104002:

1. Full simulation structure design, full real car remote control, to achieve high-speed driving, instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking. Independent front and rear suspension smooth cornering and stable body attitude.

2. Using high-rate lithium-ion battery and brushless motor, the maximum speed can reach 60 km/h.

3. All-terrain rubber tires, reduce bumps, increase grip, let you play in sand, mud, grass.

4. Hardware oil pressure shock absorber, shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain, reduce the damage to the vehicle bumpy obstacles.

5. The whole car bearing, alloy gear differential structure, make the model car more smooth and stable, durable


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