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WLTOYS 104001 RC Car Original parts Different Gear Kit

WLTOYS 104001 RC Car Original parts Different Gear Kit

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Product name: WLTOYS 104001 RC Car Original parts Rear Shock Absorbers

Product quantity: 1 set 

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104001 

How to tell if the WLTOYS 104001 RC Car differential is normal?

1. If there is an abnormal sound during operation, there may be a problem inside the differential.

2. Obvious deviation or unsmoothness when turning.

3. There is oil seepage around the differential.

What should I pay attention to when maintaining the WLTOYS 104001 RC Car differential?

1. Avoid excessive driving operation to reduce the impact on the differential.

2. Check the liquid level and quality of the differential oil regularly, and replace it in time if necessary.

3. Keep the differential clean to prevent impurities from entering and affecting its normal operation.

WLTOYS 104001 RC Car product features: 

1. Full simulation structure design, full real car control feeling, to achieve high-speed driving, instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking. Independent front and rear suspension smooth cornering and stable body attitude.

2. All-terrain rubber tires, let you play on sand, mud, grass.

3. The whole car bearing, alloy gear differential structure, make the model car more smooth and stable, durable.

4. High rate lithium-ion battery, strong magneto, speed up to 45km/h.

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