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Upgrade WLTOYS 104018 Shock Kit List

Upgrade WLTOYS 104018 Shock Kit List

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Product name: WLTOYS 104018 Shock Kit List

Product quantity: 1 set

Suitable model: WLTOYS 104018

Product color: Red, blue

Material: Aluminum alloy

Weight: 290g

WLTOYS 104018 Shock Kit List includes accessories:

Front hem arm 2pcs

Front upper swing arm 2pcs

Front steering cup 2pcs

Type C seat 2pcs

Rear hem arm 2pcs

Rear upper swing arm 2pcs

Back cup 2pcs

Front and rear shock absorbers 4pcs

Product features of WLTOYS 104018:

1. Four-wheel independent suspension system;  Simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber;  Adjustable design of whole car pull rod;

2. Adopt all-metal gear, strong grinding, improve the service life of gear.

3.WLTOYS 104018 with anti-explosion PVC color printed car shell, with anti-collision and anti-fall function,  adapt to a variety of terrain.

4. More power with 3660 brushless drive motor.

5. The whole car high-speed ball bearings, steel drive shaft, greatly improve the use of remote control car.

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