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Upgrade part of WLTOYS 104072 Upgrade Parts Front Swing Arm

Upgrade part of WLTOYS 104072 Upgrade Parts Front Swing Arm

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Product name: WLTOYS 104072 Front Swing Arm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Quantity: 1set

Suitable model: WLTOYS 104072

Weight: 42g

Size: 54.5mm*36mm*9mm

WLTOYS 104072 Front Swing Arm Precautions:

1. Avoid excessive load, do not let it withstand pressure or torque beyond the design range, to prevent deformation or damage.

2. Prevent collision damage, try to avoid violent collision with hard objects during use, so as not to cause damage to the aluminum alloy rocker arm.

3. Pay attention to the deformation, if the rocker arm is found to have slight deformation and other anomalies, it should be dealt with in time.

4. Avoid harsh environment, try to avoid long-term use in humid, corrosive and other harsh environment.

Product features of WLTOYS 104072:

1.7.4V 3000mAh high-rate lithium-ion battery equipped with brushless motor to maintain continuous power output, the maximum speed of 60 km/h.

2. Simulation structure design, real car control feeling, players can achieve instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, backward, turning, light control.

3. The whole car adopts ball bearings, alloy gears, simulated differential structure and metal bottom plate to make the vehicle run more smoothly and the gears are durable.

4. Four-wheel metal shock absorber system, with independent suspension swing arm, improve the vehicle's shock absorber performance, so that the vehicle can adapt to the bumpy road, and maintain smooth straight driving and excellent body control attitude.

WLTOYS 104072 1/10 4WD 2.4Gzh 60km/h RC Car RTR

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