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Tail Support Frame for the WLTOYS 184016 RC Car upgrade

Tail Support Frame for the WLTOYS 184016 RC Car upgrade

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Product name: WLTOYS 184016 Upgrade Tail Support Frame

Product color: Gold, purple, red, Silver, titanium, blue

Product material: Aluminum alloy

Dimensions: Length 43mm* Width 25mm* height 35mm

Applicable model: WLTOYS 184016

Weight: 12.5g

Quantity: 1 set

Advantages of the WLTOYS 184016 upgraded metal tail:

1.Enhance the aerodynamic performance, can produce downforce at high speed, improve the stability of the vehicle, especially in the corner can reduce the possibility of sideslipping. For example, in racing, it can help the remote control car to better maintain the track.

2. Improve the appearance of the texture, the metal material usually has a unique luster and texture, so that the remote control car looks more cool and advanced.

3. Durable, compared with other materials, metal tail is more resistant to collision and wear, not easy to damage, long-term use can still maintain good performance and appearance.

4. Better adjustability, the metal tail can be more easily adjusted in terms of Angle to adapt to different driving conditions and needs, so as to optimize the performance of the vehicle.

Product functions and features of WLTOYS 184016:

1. The body body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong stability, which is conducive to heat dissipation and can reduce the adverse effects caused by heat accumulation during vehicle operation.

2, the use of high efficiency brushless motor, so that the vehicle running faster, more efficient, the maximum speed of up to 75km/h.

3, zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance, performance beyond the general plastic gear.

4, simulation oil pressure shock absorber, to help the vehicle adapt to a variety of rugged track, so that players play racing.



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