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Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A USB Charger

Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A USB Charger

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Product name: WLTOYS WL912-A Original Parts USB Charger

Applicable model: WLTOYS WL912-A

Quantity: 1pcs

WLTOYS WL912-A USB Charger Use precautions:

1. Avoid overload, do not charge too many devices at the same time, to prevent overload from damaging the charger or affecting the charging efficiency.

2. Suitable environment, use in a dry and well-ventilated environment, avoid high temperature, humidity and other environments.

3. Avoid overcharging, which may cause damage to the battery for a long time.

4. Insert or remove the connector with caution. Handle the connector gently to avoid damage.

5. Prevent short circuit, do not let metal contact the charger contact, so as not to cause short circuit.

6. Observe when charging, pay attention to whether the device has abnormal heat during the charging process.

WLTOYS WL912-A Product Features:

1.Simulated speedboat shape, the maximum speed is about 35km/h.

2. Equipped with strong magnetic 390 motor, the power is very abundant.

3. Use water cooling system to dissipate heat, longer life.

4. It has automatic righting function and low power return reminder function after capsizing.

WLTOYS WL912-A High speed RC boat 2.4G automatic anti-capsizing

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