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Original part of WLTOYS 124008 RC Car 2.5X20 Optical Shaft

Original part of WLTOYS 124008 RC Car 2.5X20 Optical Shaft

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Product Name: WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Original part 2.5X20 Optical Shaft

Applicable model: WLTOYS 124008

Quantity: 1set

Part Number: 2773

Specifications: 2.5X20

How to determine whether the WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Optical Shaft is damaged?

1. Check whether there are serious scratches and abrasions on the surface of the optical shaft, which may affect its strength and accuracy. See if there are any obvious pits, damage, etc.

2. Observe whether the optical axis is straight, if there is obvious bending, it will affect its normal work.

3. When the remote control car is running, pay attention to whether there is abnormal shaking, stuttering and other abnormal phenomena related to the optical axis.

4. If you feel that the transmission is not smooth, it may be related to the optical shaft problem.

About the WLTOYS 124008 RC Car:

1.The whole car zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance.

2.With independent 35A electric modulation, independent receiver, independent steering gear.

3.Using independent suspension hardware oil pressure shock absorber, shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain.

4.Brushless motor, fast speed, high efficiency.

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