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Original part of WLTOYS 124008 1/12 RC Car Differential Shaft

Original part of WLTOYS 124008 1/12 RC Car Differential Shaft

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Product Name: WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Original part Differential Shaft

Applicable model: WLTOYS 124008  

Quantity: 1 set

Part Number: 0073

WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Differential Shaft What are the common causes of damage?

1. In the high strength and high load operation state of the remote control car, the differential shaft may be deformed or damaged due to unable to withstand pressure.

2. Severe impact, such as violent collision, falling, etc., may lead to cracks or fractures in the differential shaft.

3. The lack of sufficient lubrication will increase the friction between the shaft and other components, accelerating the wear and even holding of the shaft.

About the WLTOYS 124008 RC Car:

1.The whole car zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance.

2.Using independent suspension hardware oil pressure shock absorber, shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain.

3.Brushless motor, fast speed, high efficiency.

4.With independent 35A electric modulation, independent receiver, independent steering gear.

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