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MJX Hyper go

MJX Hyper Go 10208 Parts Wheel Assembly

MJX Hyper Go 10208 Parts Wheel Assembly

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Product name: MJX Hyper Go 10208 RC Car Parts Wheel Assembly

Suitable model: MJX Hyper Go 10208

Quantity: 1set

MJX Hyper Go 10208 RC car original parts Wheel Assembly use note:

1. Avoid driving for a long time on too rugged or sharp roads to avoid damaging the wheels.

2. Check the wear of the tires regularly and replace the tires with serious wear in time.

3. Pay attention to check whether the axle is loose or abnormal sound, if any, deal with it in time.

4. Avoid collision or squeezing the wheel to prevent deformation or damage.

5. Keep the wheels clean to avoid sand and other debris embedded in the tire affecting the driving performance.


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