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MJX Hyper go

MJX Hyper Go 10208 Parts ESC Kit

MJX Hyper Go 10208 Parts ESC Kit

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Product name: MJX Hyper Go 10208 RC Car Parts ESC Kit

Suitable model: MJX Hyper Go 10208

Quantity: 1pcs

MJX Hyper Go 10208 RC car part ESC Kit Installation and adjustment:

1. Installation:

First of all, determine the installation position of ESC Kit in the remote control car to ensure good heat dissipation and fixed. Ensure that the ESC Kit is properly connected to the motor, battery and other related components, and ensure that the cables are securely connected without short-circuit risk. Install it securely on the frame using suitable fasteners.

2. Adjust:

According to the instructions of remote control and ESC Kit, perform frequency operation between remote control and ESC to ensure normal communication. Adjust the throttle stroke so that the throttle operation of the remote control matches the output of the ESC. According to the actual needs and vehicle performance, set the appropriate acceleration curve and braking force. Test the operation of the vehicle at different speeds, observe if there are any anomalies, and make further fine-tuning if there are. For some advanced ESC Kit, you may also need to set parameters such as the reverse function and limited slip, and adjust them according to the actual application scenario.


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