WLTOYS 124008 1/12 4WD Brushless RC Car

WLTOYS 124008 1/12 4WD Brushless RC Car

About WLTOYS 124008 product features:
1. Brushless motor is used to make the vehicle run fast and efficiently. The top speed is 60km/h.

2. The whole car adopts zinc alloy gear with strong wear resistance and moderate weight. It will not be too heavy to increase the overall weight, but also ensure a certain stability.

3. Using independent suspension hardware oil pressure shock absorber, it can effectively slow down the vibration when the vehicle is driving at high speed, and the shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of rugged terrain, such as mountains, deserts, and grasslands, so that players can drive on various tracks.

4. With independent 35A electric modulation to improve vehicle performance.
5. With an independent receiver to keep the vehicle signal stable, no sudden events such as the same frequency interference.
6. With independent steering gear, players can control more flexibly.

      WLTOYS 124008 is a perfect gift for the lovers of remote control cars around. It has very good performance, very cool appearance, both to meet the player's professional requirements for racing, but also to meet the player's needs for appearance, is a practical and beautiful remote control car. However, when purchasing, it should be noted that this remote control car is suitable for the age of 14 and above, and players who do not meet the conditions need to be accompanied by their parents.

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