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WLTOYS WL916 Hight Speed RC Boat Parts Outlet accessories

WLTOYS WL916 Hight Speed RC Boat Parts Outlet accessories

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Product name: WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat Parts Outlet accessories

Quantity: 1set

Product Type: WLTIYS WL916 Original parts

WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat Outlet accessories Are normal?

1. Observe the water flow. Under normal conditions, the water should flow smoothly from the outlet, and the direction and strength of the water flow are as expected. If the water flow is not smooth, intermittent or no water flow at all, it may be a problem with the outlet fittings.

2. Check whether there is water leakage around the water outlet fittings. If there is significant water seepage or water droplets, it indicates that there may be a problem with the sealing of the fittings.

3. You can check whether the accessories are blocked. For example, some debris and dirt accumulate at the exit, which will affect the flow of water.
You can also pay attention to whether the water outlet fittings are loose, deformed or damaged. If the fittings are loose, it may cause abnormal water flow or water leakage; Deformation or damage may directly affect its function.

4. During the operation of the remote control boat, pay attention to whether there is abnormal water flow sound. If there is abnormal noise, it may also indicate the presence of water outlet fittings.

WLTOYS WL916 function description:

1. Adopt advanced water cooling system to cool the heating parts such as the ship's power system to provide efficient and stable cooling effect to ensure its normal operation and good performance.

2.WLTOYS WL916 RC Boat is also equipped with collision protection cover, which can greatly cushion the impact of the impact on the boat.

3. With low electric protection function, timely remind the operator to sail the ship back.

4. 2.4GHz ship high frequency wireless system, remote control distance of about 150 meters, single single frequency, suitable for many people to compete.

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