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WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts RC Boat USB Charger

WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts RC Boat USB Charger

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Product name: WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts B3 Charger

Suitable model: WLTOYS WL915-A

Number: 1 pcs

How to tell if the WLTOYS WL915-A USB Charger is compatible with remote control boats:

1. Check the specifications and compare the output voltage, current and other parameters of the USB charger with the charging parameters required by the remote control ship. If the voltage is too high or too low, the current does not match and may not be compatible.

2. Try to charge, connect the USB charger to the remote control boat for charging, and observe whether it can be charged normally. If you can start charging normally, and there are no abnormal prompts or faults during the charging process, it may be compatible.

3. Observe the charging indicator light, some remote control boats have a specific indicator state when charging. If the indicator shows the normal charging status after connecting the charger, the compatibility may be good.

4. Check the reaction of the equipment, pay attention to the reaction of the remote control ship after connecting the charger, such as whether there is abnormal heating, system instability, etc., if not, the compatibility may be good.

However, our charger is original, and players who buy paired WL915-A do not need to worry about compatibility issues.

WLTOYS WL915-A Product Features:

1. With a simulated F1 speedboat shape, the brushless motor is equipped with a driving speed of about 45km/h, full power and long life, and the brand brushless electric regulation with water cooling system has stable performance.

2. The system performance is larger and the product life is extended. Full proportion steering gear steering sensitive, with automatic anti-tip function, can automatically turn right after capsizing.

3. Full proportion forward and backward, left and right steering function, rudder size adjustment, left and right steering fine adjustment, capsizing automatically righting, but also with low voltage alarm mode.



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