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WLTOYS WL915-A RC Boat Original parts Steering gear press

WLTOYS WL915-A RC Boat Original parts Steering gear press

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Product name: WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts Steering gear press

Product quantity: 1 pcs

Suitable model: WLTOYS WL915-A

How to check the WLTOYS WL915-A Steering gear press pressure is normal?

1. Control the remote control boat in the water for steering action, observe whether the steering is smooth and sensitive, whether there is a deadlock or abnormal resistance, and feel whether the pressure is appropriate according to experience.

2. Compare with the same type of normal working remote control boat, operate the steering under the same conditions, feel the pressure difference.

3. Check the steering gear and its related parts, such as whether there is excessive wear, deformation, loosening, etc., which may indirectly reflect pressure problems.

4. Pay attention to the sound of the steering mechanism during operation, abnormal noise may suggest that the pressure is not normal.

WLTOYS WL915-A Product Features:

1. With a simulated F1 speedboat shape, the brushless motor is equipped with a driving speed of about 45km/h, full power and long life, and the brand brushless electric regulation with water cooling system has stable performance.

2. The system performance is larger and the product life is extended. Full proportion steering gear steering sensitive, with automatic anti-tip function, can automatically turn right after capsizing.

3. Full proportion forward and backward, left and right steering function, rudder size adjustment, left and right steering fine adjustment, capsizing automatically righting, but also with low voltage alarm mode.



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