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WLTOYS WL915-A RC Boat Original parts Inlet silicone tube

WLTOYS WL915-A RC Boat Original parts Inlet silicone tube

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Product name: WLTOYS WL915-A Original parts Inlet silicone tube

Product quantity: 1 pcs

Suitable model: WLTOYS WL915-A

WLTOYS WL915-A Inlet silicone tube Functions:

1. Ensure that liquids or gases can enter the relevant systems of the remote control ship smoothly from the outside, such as fuel into the engine, etc., and its delivery efficiency will directly affect the performance of the power system.

2. High quality silicone tube can effectively prevent fluid leakage at the inlet, maintain system pressure and normal working state, if the seal is not good, it will lead to performance degradation or even failure.

3. The characteristics of the silicone tube make it adapt to different temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions, to ensure that it can work stably under various circumstances, so as to maintain the stability of the remote control ship performance.

4. Good flexibility makes it not easy to be damaged during hull movement and vibration, ensuring the long-term reliability of the inlet channel and avoiding operation problems caused by pipe problems.

WLTOYS WL915-A Product Features:

1. With a simulated F1 speedboat shape, the brushless motor is equipped with a driving speed of about 45km/h, full power and long life, and the brand brushless electric regulation with water cooling system has stable performance.

2. The system performance is larger and the product life is extended. Full proportion steering gear steering sensitive, with automatic anti-tip function, can automatically turn right after capsizing.

3. Full proportion forward and backward, left and right steering function, rudder size adjustment, left and right steering fine adjustment, capsizing automatically righting, but also with low voltage alarm mode.



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