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WLTOYS 184011 Parts Long screw for Swing Arm Original parts

WLTOYS 184011 Parts Long screw for Swing Arm Original parts

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Product name: WLTOYS 184011 Parts Long screw for Swing Arm

Product quantity: 1 set

Applicable model: WLTOYS 184011 RC Car

WLTOYS 184011 Long screw for Swing Arm Original advantages:

1. It is fully matched with the mounting holes of each part of the remote control car to ensure that the installation is firm and accurate, and there will be no installation or loose situation.

2. After strict quality testing, it has good performance in strength, corrosion resistance and other aspects, and can work stably for a long time.

3. Ensure the consistency and stability of the overall performance of the vehicle, without affecting the function of other components.

4. Coordinate with the appearance style of the vehicle to maintain the overall aesthetics.

5. Avoid loosening, damage and other failures caused by screw mismatch to reduce maintenance costs and frequency.

6. Follow the manufacturer's design standards and requirements to better reflect the original design intent of the remote control car.

WLTOYS 184011 RC Car features:

1.Four-wheel independent suspension suspension system, can adapt to a variety of complex rugged terrain.

2.390 strong magnetic carbon brush motor, providing powerful power for vehicle driving.

3. One key speed change, free to switch, players operate more flexible.

4. Vehicle proportion, control freely, players play.

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