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WLTOYS 184011 Parts A959-03 Connect Rod set Original parts

WLTOYS 184011 Parts A959-03 Connect Rod set Original parts

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Product name: WLTOYS 184011 Parts A959-03 Connect Rod set

Product quantity: 1 set

Applicable model: WLTOYS 184011 RC Car

How to maintain WLTOYS 184011 A959-03 Connect Rod set:

1. Regularly check the appearance of connecting rod components to see if there are cracks, deformation and other abnormal conditions.

2. Ensure that the connecting rod is tightly connected to other components and is not loose.

3. Keep the connecting rod assembly clean to avoid the accumulation of dust and impurities affecting its performance.

4. Avoid excessive impact or overload of the connecting rod to prevent damage.

5. Check the smoothness of the connecting rod movement, and troubleshoot the cause in time if there are problems such as stutters.

6. Perform regular lubrication maintenance according to equipment requirements and user manuals to reduce wear.

WLTOYS 184011 RC Car features:

1. Vehicle proportion, control freely, players play.

2.Four-wheel independent suspension suspension system, can adapt to a variety of complex rugged terrain.

3.390 strong magnetic carbon brush motor, providing powerful power for vehicle driving.

4. One key speed change, free to switch, players operate more flexible.

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