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WLTOYS 104072 RC Car Original part Drive bevel teeth

WLTOYS 104072 RC Car Original part Drive bevel teeth

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Product name: WLTOYS 104072 RC Car Original part Drive bevel teeth

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104002

Quantity: 1set

Part Number: 2185

WLTOYS 104072 RC Car Original part Drive bevel teeth What do I need to pay attention to?

1. Keep the gear clean and lubricated, regularly clean the dust and debris on the gear, and use appropriate lubricants to reduce friction and wear and extend the service life of the gear.

2. Avoid overload and excessive wear. When using remote control cars, avoid excessive load and frequent rapid acceleration and sudden braking to prevent premature gear wear or damage.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance, regular inspection of the wear of the drive bevel gear, if necessary, timely replacement of the gear with serious wear, to ensure the normal operation of the remote control car.

Product features of WLTOYS 104072 RC Car:

1. Simulation structure design, real car control feeling, players can achieve instant rapid acceleration, deceleration,  braking, backward, turning, light control.

2. The tire material is natural rubber, so that the tire ground adhesion is strong, friction resistance, can effectively buffer bumps, avoid damage to the internal parts of the body.

3. The use of 6KG 3-line steering gear control steering, straight line driving more stable, more flexible bending control, durable.

4. The whole car adopts ball bearings, alloy gears,  simulated differential structure and metal bottom plate to make the vehicle run more smoothly and the gears are durable.

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