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WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Original Parts Rear Wheel Cups

WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Original Parts Rear Wheel Cups

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Product name: WLTOYS 104016 RC Car original parts Rear Wheel Cups

Quantity: 1set

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104016 RC Car

Part model: 0265

WLTOYS 104016 RC Car original Rear Wheel Cups deformation and wear will affect the remote control car?

1. It will affect the driving stability of the vehicle. It may cause the vehicle to shake from side to side, run off, etc., making the control difficult and inaccurate.

2. It will affect the smoothness of wheel rotation, resulting in stalling or increased resistance, reducing the speed and power performance of the vehicle.

3. May lead to the installation of the tire is not firm, and it is easy to fall off the tire and other dangerous situations during driving.

Some information about the WLTOYS 104016 RC Car:

1. Anti-explosion PVC color printed car shell, beautiful and crash-resistant.

2. Using four-wheel independent suspension system and simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber, the whole car rod adopts adjustable design;

3. 3660 brushless drive motor is used to make the vehicle have plenty of power.

4. Adopt all-metal gear, strong wear resistance and general gear, improve the service life of gear.

5. The whole car high-speed ball bearings, steel drive shaft, greatly improve the service life of the remote control car.

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