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WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Original Parts Oil Bearing 4X8X3

WLTOYS 104016 RC Car Original Parts Oil Bearing 4X8X3

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Product name: WLTOYS 104016 RC Car original parts Oil Bearing 4X8X3

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104016 RC Car

Quantity: 1 set

Part model: 0286

Specification: 4X8X3

WLTOYS 104016 RC Car original Oil Bearing and rolling bearing What is the difference?

1. Different structure: oil-bearing is made of porous metal materials, and there are many tiny pores inside which can store lubricating oil. The rolling bearing has an inner and outer ring, a rolling body and a cage and other structures.

2. Different lubrication methods: oil-bearing is lubricated by the oil contained in itself. Rolling bearings usually require regular addition of external lubricating oil or grease.

3. Bearing capacity: Under normal circumstances, the bearing capacity of rolling bearings is relatively high. The bearing capacity of oil-bearing is relatively weak.

4. Speed adaptation range: rolling bearings can adapt to higher speed. The performance of oil-bearing may be degraded at high speed.

Some information about the WLTOYS 104016 RC Car:

1. Anti-explosion PVC color printed car shell, beautiful and crash-resistant.

2. Using four-wheel independent suspension system and simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber, the whole car rod adopts adjustable design;

3. 3660 brushless drive motor is used to make the vehicle have plenty of power.

4. Adopt all-metal gear, strong wear resistance and general gear, improve the service life of gear.

5. The whole car high-speed ball bearings, steel drive shaft, greatly improve the service life of the remote control car.

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