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WLTOYS 104009 RC Car parts Battery and Charger Original

WLTOYS 104009 RC Car parts Battery and Charger Original

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Product name: WL-Tech XK 104009 Battery and Charge

Product quantity: 1 set

Product configuration: 7.4V Li-ion Battery 1500mAh, T-plug, Charger with Balance Box,

Round or Flat Plug

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104009

Usage time: about 8 minutes

Charging time: about 3h

How to extend the battery life of WLTOYS 104009?

1. Avoid excessive discharge, try not to charge the battery after it is completely exhausted, long-term excessive discharge may damage the battery.

2. Control the charging time, do not charge frequently, and charge when a certain proportion of power remains.

3. Use the appropriate charger to ensure that the charger matches the battery specifications to avoid charging abnormalities.

4. Avoid high temperature environment, high temperature will accelerate battery aging, try not to put the battery in high temperature.

5. Avoid low temperature environment, low temperature battery performance will be affected, and may have some damage to the battery.

6. Regular charge and discharge, proper regular complete charge and discharge, help to maintain battery activity.

7. Pay attention to battery storage. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be charged to a certain amount of power and stored properly.

8. Reduce large current discharge to avoid long or frequent battery large current output.

WLTOYS 104009 Product functions and features:

1. Four-wheel independent suspension system, simulation metal oil pressure shock absorber, the whole car can be adjusted design, can adapt to various mountain lawn desert.

2. 550 high-power drive motor is powerful and abundant.

3. Adopt all-metal gear, strong wear resistance, long service life of gear.

4. The whole car high-speed ball bearings, steel drive shaft, small energy loss, greatly improve the service life of the remote control car.


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