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The Upgrade Parts Bottom Plate Of WLTOYS 124007 4WD RC Racing Car

The Upgrade Parts Bottom Plate Of WLTOYS 124007 4WD RC Racing Car

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Product Name: WLTOYS 124007 Upgrade Parts Battery Holder

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Quantity: 1 pcs

Weight: 106g

Size: 274*88mm

The WLTOYS 124007 metal base plate has the following important functions:

1. Provide a solid foundation for the structure of the entire remote control car, carrying other parts.

2. It helps to maintain the overall rigidity and stability of the remote control car, so that it is not easy to deform during driving and operation.

3. Prevent external impact, collision and other direct damage to the internal electronic components and mechanical structure.

4. Part of the bottom plate may assist in heat dissipation, helping to dissipate the heat generated by the remote control car.

5. Provide installation positions and fixing points for other components.

      The high-quality bottom plate allows the remote control car to maintain a good shape when driving at high speed or through rough roads, reducing the probability of failure; In some complex environments, the protective effect of the bottom plate can effectively extend the service life of the internal components of the remote control car.

WLTOYS 124007 Features and benefits:

1.With independent 45A electrical modulation, independent receiver, independent steering gear.

2.The body body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong stability.

3.Brushless motor, fast speed, high efficiency.

4.The whole car zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance.

5. Hardware oil pressure shock absorber, shock absorber performance can be adapted to a variety of terrain.

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