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Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A water cooling ring

Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A water cooling ring

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Product name: WLTOYS WL912-A Original Parts water cooling ring

Applicable model: WLTOYS WL912-A

Quantity: 1pcs

WLTOYS WL912-A water cooling ring Functions:

1. Cooling function to help dissipate the heat generated by the relevant heating parts (such as motors, etc.) inside the remote control ship to prevent overheating damage.

2. Maintain stable performance to ensure that the heating parts work at the appropriate temperature, so as to maintain the stability and reliability of the overall performance of the remote control ship.

3. Extend the life of components, reduce the damage of high temperature to components, and extend the service life of key components such as motors.

4. Improve the operating efficiency, the appropriate temperature helps to improve the operating efficiency of the power system.

5. Balanced temperature distribution, so that heat can be distributed more evenly, to avoid local overheating.

WLTOYS WL912-A Product Features:

1.Simulated speedboat shape, the maximum speed is about 35km/h.

2. Equipped with strong magnetic 390 motor, the power is very abundant.

3. Use water cooling system to dissipate heat, longer life.

4. It has automatic righting function and low power return reminder function after capsizing.

WLTOYS WL912-A High speed RC boat 2.4G automatic anti-capsizing

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