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Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A Support Frame

Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A Support Frame

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Product name: WLTOYS WL912-A Original Parts Support Frame

Applicable model: WLTOYS WL912-A

Quantity: 1set

Possible causes of problems with the support frame:

1. Impact impact. The remote-controlled ship colliding with other objects or encountering a violent impact may cause the frame to deform and break.

2. Overload use. The frame is gradually damaged by enduring loads beyond its design capacity for a long time.

3. Material defects. The material itself has defects or poor quality, which is prone to problems in use.

4. Improper installation. When installed, it is not properly installed in place, resulting in loosening and displacement during operation, which leads to problems.

5. Lack of maintenance. Long-term maintenance is not carried out, and the accumulated dirt and corrosion on the frame affect its performance and structural stability.

Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A Support Frame

WLTOYS WL912-A Product Features:

1.Simulated speedboat shape, the maximum speed is about 35km/h.

2. Equipped with strong magnetic 390 motor, the power is very abundant.

3. Use water cooling system to dissipate heat, longer life.

4. It has automatic righting function and low power return reminder function after capsizing.

WLTOYS WL912-A High speed RC boat 2.4G automatic anti-capsizing

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