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Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A Motor Seat

Original Parts Of WLTOYS WL912-A Motor Seat

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Product name: WLTOYS WL912-A Original Parts Outlet electroplating component group

Applicable model: WLTOYS WL912-A

Quantity: 1pcs

WLTOYS WL912-A Motor-Seat function description:

1. Firmly install the motor on the remote control ship to ensure that its position is stable during operation and will not be shifted or loosened due to vibration and other reasons.

2. Provide a reliable connection between the motor and the hull, so that the power generated by the motor can be effectively transmitted to the propeller and other components to push the ship forward.

3. Accurately determine the installation position of the motor on the ship to ensure the collaborative operation of other related components, such as the cooperation with the drive shaft, propeller, etc.

4. Strengthen the local structure of the hull, making the hull more stable when bearing the motor power output.

WLTOYS WL912-A Product Features:

1.Simulated speedboat shape, the maximum speed is about 35km/h.

2. Equipped with strong magnetic 390 motor, the power is very abundant.

3. Use water cooling system to dissipate heat, longer life.

4. It has automatic righting function and low power return reminder function after capsizing.

WLTOYS WL912-A High speed RC boat 2.4G automatic anti-capsizing

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