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Original parts of WLTOYS 284010 Rear Connect Rod

Original parts of WLTOYS 284010 Rear Connect Rod

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Product Name: WLTOYS 284010 Original parts Bottom Seat

Applicable model: WLTOYS 284010

Quantity: 1pcs

How do I determine whether the WLTOYS 284010 RC Car Rear Connect Rod is properly installed?

1. Observe whether the connection is tight and there is no obvious loosening or shaking. You can gently shake the remote control car to feel if there is abnormal activity at the Rear Connect Rod.

2. Check whether the parts connected to the Rear Connect Rod, such as the wheels, rotate or run smoothly, without stutter or abnormal resistance. If yes, there may be a problem in the installation.

3. Operate the remote control car for some simple driving actions to see whether the vehicle is stable during driving and whether the direction control is accurate. If there is abnormal driving performance, it may mean that the Rear Connect Rod is improperly installed.

WLTOYS 284010 1/28 4WD RC Car Product Features:

1. Full simulation structure design, full real car remote control feeling, instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, backward, turning, can control the light.

2.7.4V 400mAh lithium battery, 130 brush motor, super endurance with super power, maximum speed of 30km/h.

3. All-terrain rubber tires with strong ground adhesion and friction resistance.

4. Using four-wheel shock absorber system, the shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain bumps. In addition, the use of front and rear wheel independent suspension structure, to help the vehicle smooth bend, maintain a stable body.

5. The 5-gram 3-line digital steering gear is used to control the steering flexibly, making the driving smoother and more stable and durable.

6. With cool controlled lighting design to illuminate the night.

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