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Original parts of WLTOYS 104006 Transmitter 2.4Ghz

Original parts of WLTOYS 104006 Transmitter 2.4Ghz

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Product name: WLTOYS 104006 2.4Ghz Transmitter

Remote control distance: 100 meters

Remote control mode: 2.4GHz

Applicable model: WLTOYS 104006

About WLTOYS 104006 Transmitter:

1.WLTOYS 104006 Transmitter with a built-in mobile phone bracket, in order to facilitate players to connect the external camera to achieve real-time control of the visual remote control built-in mobile phone bracket, easy to play.

2.WLTOYS 104006 Transmitter has a strong anti-interference ability, and can maintain stable signal transmission in a complex electromagnetic environment, which is not easy to be interfered by other wireless signals.

3.The 2.4GHz remote control has a long control distance, which allows you to accurately control the remote control car from a relatively long distance.

4.WLTOYS 104006 Transmitter has multiple control channels, which can simultaneously control the speed, direction, lighting and other functions of the remote control car to meet the rich and diverse control needs. Moreover, the 2.4GHz remote control can also support multiple remote control cars to be used at the same time without interfering with each other, which is convenient for many people to race or play with remote control cars.

Product features of WLTOYS 104006:

1. The front and rear four-link suspension and simulated metal oil pressure shock absorber are used to help the vehicle effectively reduce the vibration when the high-speed car is driving, so that the vehicle can drive more smoothly.

2. Full simulation structure design, experience the feeling of full real car control, can achieve high-speed driving, instant rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, backward, turning.

3. Equipped with front and rear axle remote control differential lock to improve the passing ability of the remote control car on the rough road, that is, when a drive axle of the remote control car is idling, the differential can be quickly locked to make the two drive axle rigid connection.


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