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Original part of WLTOYS 124008 1/12 RC Car Front Rear Swing Arm

Original part of WLTOYS 124008 1/12 RC Car Front Rear Swing Arm

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Product Name: WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Original part Front Rear Swing Arm

Applicable model: WLTOYS 124008  

Quantity: 1 set

Part Number: 1250

WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Front Rear Swing Arm How do I add lube?

1. Place the remote control car on a smooth surface to ensure that it does not shake or move.

2. Locate the joint parts or movable joints of the lower arm group, which are usually the key locations that need lubrication.

3. Use a small dropper or syringe to absorb the appropriate amount of lubricating oil.

4. Carefully drip or inject the lubricating oil into the joint, taking care not to overdo it, so as not to cause oil stains and contaminate other parts.

5. The lower arm group can be gently moved to evenly distribute the lubricating oil on the contact surface.

6. After adding lubricating oil, wipe off excess lubricating oil that may spill with a clean cloth to keep the remote control car clean.

If you want the WLTOYS 124008 RC Car, you can also choose to buy the upgraded Front Rear Swing Arm, which you can purchase by clicking below.

WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Upgrade Parts Rear Swing Arm

WLTOYS 124008 RC Car Upgrade Parts Front Swing Arm

About the WLTOYS 124008 RC Car:

1.The whole car zinc alloy gear, strong wear resistance.

2.Using independent suspension hardware oil pressure shock absorber, shock absorber performance can adapt to a variety of terrain.

3.Brushless motor, fast speed, high efficiency.

4.With independent 35A electric modulation, independent receiver, independent steering gear.

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